Fluoride Distributor Puts Warning On Its MSD Sheets For Children

The Mosaic Company, a major distributor for hydrofluorosilicic acid, (fluoride) recently updated its Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to include a warning about prolonged or repeated overexposure to fluoride. In the below video a chemist reviews this update and discusses what it means for children and local municipalities. Every fluoridated municipality should put this warning on their water bill! To view Mosaic’s Material Safety Data Sheet follow the link here:... read more

Our Daily Dose: The history, science and shocking truth about water fluoridation

  For our next event we will be viewing a short film on water fluoridation called Our Daily Dose. This film does a great job of explaining the history of water fluoridation, recent scientific findings and how our daily dose of fluoride impacts our health. Following the film people are welcome to ask questions to learn more about water fluoridation and how it can influence their health.   This event requires that you confirm your attendance. Please follow this link to confirm your attendance via Facebook. Please feel free to invite your friends and/or family.   Thank you, Fluoridation Free Owen Sound... read more

5 ways to filter fluoride out of your drinking water

If you’ve discovered the truth about water fluoridation you’ll be aware of how important it is to filter fluoride out of your drinking water. All too often, the fluoride that’s used in our municipal drinking water comes contaminated with arsenic, lead, and other heavy metals. Although water treatment officials will claim the concentrations are below a detectable level, they cannot comment on the safety of long term ingestion of such substances. Because water fluoridation has not been proven to be safe, it’s a good idea to filter your tap water if your town add’s fluoride to the municipal drinking water. Some filters will not remove fluoride from the water. For example, Brita filters, regular carbon filters or activated charcoal filters do not take fluoride out of the water. Here are 5 filtration methods that will remove fluoride from your drinking water: Reverse Osmosis systems: In Owen Sound there are two stores, The Water Store and Water Depot that offer reverse osmosis water for purchase. They also sell reverse osmosis systems that you can install into your home. Reverse Osmosis is effective and convenient, but can be pricey for some folks. If price is an issue, we suggest looking into activated alumina filtration methods. Activated Alumina filters: Berkey Water Filters offer activated alumina filters that you can add to their system. This is a simple, counter top option. Click here to check out Berkey filters. There is also a company out of Toronto, ON. that sells an economic activated alumina filter. Click here to check out their filters. Distillation: Also an effective way to remove fluoride and other contaminates from drinking water. Systems very in price but... read more